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Chapter 98 - Today Is The Day Of The Man In Black

A man in black.

Is a person wearing black clothes.

The meaning is simple and straightforward.

However, the men in black in Kangho are also known to be mysterious.

They’re not fools or morons but strong in martial arts

However, if their mask is taken off, their strength drops.

The point of their outfit is to keep their identity mysterious.

Probably no one else in Kangho has studied the nature of the men in black as much as I.

I am an expert in it.

First, their basic form is to cross their arms.

The places they use to move are on walls, roofs, and above main gates.

The timing of their appearance is also important.

Usually, walking and crossing their arms after hiding in the dark is normal, but it is also good for them to make a quiet kill.


I smile like this is something comfortable for me.

The important thing is to not be too cruel.

The amount of cruelty is somewhere between ‘hahaha’ and ‘Hahahaha,’ and the second one isn’t too recommended as it comes out as a perverted laugh.

The men in black I know of are heavy like darkness and mysterious too.

However, their limitations become so clear if you look deeper into the concept.

Actually, from my past experience going against the best of Kangho, most men in black are outright morons.

Because a strong warrior chooses to reveal themselves.

In other words, using your mouth when fighting and showing off your power honestly gives people a clear idea of what kind of person you are.

Men in black, however, can be either good or bad.

However, when I, who have superior skills than actual men in black, pretend to be one of them, the reason is this.

To gather attention.

It sounds unlikely, but Kangho has a name for such people.

Attention Seekers.

This is a word that actually exists.

The type of person who enjoys attention and does things to gather it deliberately.

If this term is added to my name.

Attention Seeker, Lee Zaha.

That is me!

After some consideration, I settle for a place not far from the Baijian Society, and while waiting for the moon to rise, I transform into a man in black.

As I take out the black robes prepared by the Black Rabbit Union servants, I can feel the spirit of their work.

Since when does a man in black appear this way

Looking at the black robe, I become confident that I can do much worse things compared to the bad things I usually do.

As I stand here with my arms crossed under the shining moonlight, I easily become confused about whether I am a crazy man or someone mysterious that can shake the foundations of power.

I take off the clothes I have on and put on the black clothing.

The top, shoes, and even the waistband are appropriately tightened.

Finally, I put on the long black robe that emphasizes that I will not be an easy opponent and raise the collar to my neck.

I wonder if there has ever been such a perfect man in black

If I can walk in a bright place, people can see me and enjoy the sight.

I can even raid a town or a village in this attire with just a little light and get better, effective results.

Am I really going to go to a village

That’s just talk.

I place my precious dagger and other things into the pockets of this robe that perfectly fits me and tie a sheathed blade around my waist.

The goal is the base of the Bajian Society.

From now on, I have to wear these black clothes and walk brightly.

With my eyes cold and chest out proudly.

I sit cross-legged and meditate as I wait for Nam Garak to come.

To become immersed in meditation is to clear the mind from clutter.

I calmly explore my memories as I think about life and why beautiful women hate me.

Everything runs through my mind.

The pork meat, the alcohol, those bastards, those bugs, and the trash I need to catch.


Is there anyone who becomes confused while meditating

Well, I do.

After concentrating for a moment, I manage to calm my mind and chase the distractions.

I then fall asleep for a moment.






“Come in.”

I am slightly surprised when I see another man in black walk through the door.

‘Ah, Nam Garak.’

“Leader, you must be tired.”

“As if.”

I check his attire and hold back a yawn.


The preparations you made are amazing.”

Nam Garak smiles with his arms crossed as he enjoys my compliment on his attire.

“Huhuhu, the Black Rabbit Union is pretty good too.”

“Since we are part of the Black Rabbit Union, we are always prepared.

Let’s cover our faces and head out.”

We then move.

Nam Garak has prepared a classic black hood that covers his head.

I put on a triangular black mask that covers everything from my eyes to my chin and is secured by tying it to the back of my head.

This way, it wouldn’t interfere with my vision and will keep people from remembering the shape of my face.

On the other hand, Nam Garak’s hood… let’s not talk about it.

Nam Garak looks like a black egg right now.

I turn to look at him.



Nam Garak then asks me.

“Is there one more If you have it, please lend it to me,”

After thinking about it for a moment, I take another mask out of the bag.

’Such a meticulous person.

Nam Garak removes his hood, throws it to the side, and puts on the mask I give him.

“You are lucky,”

“Let’s go.”

“How From the window or over the roof”

I shake my head.

“We’ll take the stairs.”

“Won’t more people be looking at us”

I snort and say.

“Enjoy it, endure.”

This is the life of a person who is below me.


“Anyway, if we look around with our eyes wide open in a place owned by the Baijian Society, everyone will think that we are men in black from there.

They have those types of men anyway, right”


We take the stairs, pay for a room, and then ask the owner to throw away clothes left in the room.

The owner looks a bit frightened and assures us that there will be no traces of us left in that room.

As we walk outside, I say to Nam Garak.

“See that There is a benefit to wearing these kinds of things out in the open.

People think we’re strong.

And it is the strength of a strong man to shake until their hair roots when they see a man dressed in black.”

“Don’t joke around with that serious tone.

I get confused.”

As soon as we take a step outside, I look up at the moon in the night sky.

“Yah, the moonlight is…”

Nam Garak explains while admiring it.

“So bright.”

“Good for us.”

“I know.”

“Such a perfect day.

The air is dry too.

If it was raining, then our plan would have failed.

Thankfully the night is helping us.”

“We must be lucky.”

Alongside Nam Garak, I deliberately enter the busy side of town and walk slowly.

People who see us inevitably give way and make us a path.

Such a majestic sight.

I also deliberately crack my knuckles.

“The defense will be tight anyway.”


“Look here, it’s nice for a man in black to make a fire, but it’s better to not make the fire by yourself.”

“What nonsense are you saying”

“It means we should naturally make a fire.

Take a good look around and carefully in the alleys.”

It is better to take advantage of a bustling area when escaping.

After all, Nam Garak is also one of the best, so I won’t have to look after him.

Not many here will be able to compete with Nam Garak when it comes to speed.

After a while, we move into the darkness to a spot where the Baijian Society base is visible.

“How dare they send assassins to me.

This is how the people of the Baijian Society act”


“Let me crush them.”

It is a luxurious mansion that looks like a merchant’s house.

The main building has three floors and a visible black roof.

Above the large main gate is a plate that indicates that this is the Kang Family Manor.

“Their head is of the Kang family”


Seeing the Kang Family Clan name, it is clear that the Baijian Society belongs to the Unorthodox side.

It has an atmosphere of someone who made a lot of money by committing evil tasks by themselves or using their underlings.

I then look at the house structure.

“Let’s move freely.

Instead, I will make a plan to destroy the main building.”

“Your blood seems to be heating up.”

We couldn’t bring many of our subordinates here because not many of them can break through here in the first place.

The virtue of a man in black is to not only offend other people but to also avoid getting caught.

“I will go first.”

I start moving with my arms crossed, but they start feeling numb, so I release them.

As soon as I feel myself becoming calm, I run, roast into the air, and smash into the nameplate first.


I can hear Nam Garak’s shocked voice.


I smash the plate on top of the main gate using qi… and then smash the gate, too, for good measure.

Kwang! Kwang!

Nam Garak raises his voice and speaks to me in a hurry.

“If this is the plan, why are we wearing black”

“Clothes help with craziness.

I am me.”


I look through the smashed gate and think that a man in black would never act like me.

“If you are a man, you enter through the front gate!”

In an instant, the men of the Baijian Society begin to appear, and even their dogs start barking.

I become angry at the dogs’ barking and scream back for a moment.

“Stop the **ing dogs from barking in the middle of the night! You dogs!”

Nam Garak makes a strange little laugh and runs away.

I then soar to the roof and make my own way.

In the meantime, I look at the moon again.

“Wow… the moonlight.”

I feel like the moon might make me lose concentration, so I pull out my black blade and soar into the air.

I raise my sword at the moon but put it back in its sheath since there is nothing to cut.

The roof I use as my path continues to go higher.

After I constantly step and jump, I reach the tallest roof in the mansion.

There, I look down at the whole palace with my arms crossed.

It is no joke, and my heart is bursting in my chest.

“Huhuhu, huhu, huhahahahah!”

With my hands open, I declare war on them.

“Come on.”

As I expected, they are surprised by this attack and are rushing toward me by stepping on the walls and roofs.

How could they even tell the difference between friend and foe when they are dressed the same way as me.

I only pay attention to Nam Garak.

Suddenly, I look down at the roof as I become upset at being unable to sleep for the past few days.

My anger grows as I think about many things, especially the leader of this place who could eat and sleep comfortably.

I wrap the Fiery Fragrance around my hands and move towards the men rushing towards me.


I launch the fiercely burning flame from my hand to the building.

Originally, you would use this flame with both hands, but I am now a man in black.

I place the flame in one hand and then spread it like a black flame dragon onto the roof.



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