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Time passed, the week passed, and Monday came.

The day on which classes will operate normally It's been a bit more than a month since I enrolled in the academy, and it's finally time for classes to formally begin.

Well, I said normal, but it's only for up to the 7th class of the combat department.

Apparently, classes after that, from class 8th to class 127th, are going through the combat drills to level up.

There are only as many as 210 students from Classes 1–7 who have raised their level.

From students of Class 8th and onwards, those students who have just recently acquired their jobs and are at level 0.

Thus, why are there only a few classes with a regular schedule

It's not to say the difficulty of lessons itself differs for each class.

The closer you are to Class 1, the higher the level of lessons will be, and vice-versa for the classes closer to Class 127.

But, it will also increase their difficulty in job hunting.

If they want to make their future lives more prosperous, the students from class 8th and onwards have to strive hard to bridge that gap every day.

After all, there is a difference in the quality of lessons.

The gap will gradually continue to widen if they don't do anything.

The students who are currently in Class 7 and above also can't take it easy.

Although students have been divided into different classes, there isn't that much difference among freshmen yet.

So, they will find themselves spiraling down the moment they stop their endeavors.

It's no exaggeration that the class division in their second years will have quite an influence on their future.

And that's why students in Dungeon Activity> are so hard-working in general.

Or so was the setting in the game "Dungeon Activity".

However, a certain quartet is hovering around me this morning, overlooking the aforementioned details.

"How about exploring the dungeon together with us"

"Come with us.

I do recognise that you're much stronger than us in level.

"However, I'm confident that I'm more capable than you."

The one who spoke out was Saturn-kun, who has the highest level among the other male students in the class.

It's really a complete mystery as to why he thinks of himself so highly.

I mean, the difference should have already been evident though.

"Fufu, I wouldn't find it impossible if you're surprised.

However, he's not the only one.

I also believe my abilities outweigh yours, and the evidence is the level of my job (Sword Saint), which I have increased to Lv20 in the last several days.


The one who laughed so daringly was Sword Saint Jilong-kun.

What do you want me to say for reaching Lv20, congrats

"You stole the march.

We have been going through a hellish training period these days.

The current us aren't going to lose to you.


The one who followed after Jilong-kun while crossing his arms and with a triumphant expression was Barbarian Tom.

What's with that grinning face when you're already losing in level

"Now don't go and forget ‘We’." We will teach you that it's always the soldier's role to stand at the forefront of battle.

" (T/N: We in the royal sense.(Like how monarchs referred to them as' we’.)

This was said by your truly ‘Young Master', who has a hard time remembering the pronoun ‘I’, the Knight Helck.

And no, I'm fine without knowing that.

Besides, it's me who's undoubtedly more knowledgeable.

The Quartet suddenly surrounded my seat the first thing in the morning while there was still time for morning assembly and began to prattle.

From what they have said, it seems like they are going to dive into the dungeon after classes today, but all I could see is them trying to show off their abilities and get a head start over others, from what I have figured out after listening to their banter.

Rather, aren't they being too egoistic

I thought they would yield after experiencing the gap and disgrace, but here they are, once again showing off first thing in the morning so cheerfully as if that had never happened.

They are quite a gutsy bunch.

Oh well, it's at least better than brooding around.

It seems they have trained harder than before.

I'm glad they are heading in the right direction.

From their talks, Saturn-kun has reached Lv22 while the other three are at Lv20, thus unlocking their second-order skill tree.

Oh, no wonder.

The sudden increase in power has inflated their egos to a new level and is the main reason behind their grinning faces.

Alas, they still don't know that there exists a wall in between the second order tree and their order tree that can't be surmounted.

No matter what they do, it's impossible for them to win against me.

"What do you say, Brave> Come with us to dive into the dungeon together, and I bet, as long as we are grouped together, beginners' dungeons are simply now a match for us.


So says Saturn-kun.

Of course, there will not be any problems.

My level is now 51 after yesterday's exploration, and I have already graduated from beginner dungeons.

I can simply be invincible in them, and they're not even needed.

No, in fact, that's the reality.

They should have known this already.

There's no way they could be so ignorant.

Isn't that right You guys aren't serious, right

Let's see, the question is, why are they even inviting me to the dungeon then Hmm, no wait, could it be...

they are inviting me in a roundabout way to play together with them

This possibility can't be ruled out.

Rather, I think the chances of this are high.

An awkward gap has opened in between them and the members of Eden due to what happened during the self-introduction time.

It's natural because they were antagonizing() the guild master.

Unfortunately, the Eden> members comprise more than one-third of the student body in this class.

So they should feel ashamed.

In other words, they want to show it like we're good buddies as a form of reconciliation.

The proof is that they talked to me in the class.

It feels more right to believe this considering they showed their courage and came to invite me for play despite our odd relationship.

I guess it's because they are too prideful that they are not being honest.

Afterall, they are still 16-year-old youngsters.

In that case, there's no reason for me to be obstinate and reject their invitation.


I will come along with you guys.


"! Fufu.

I hope you don't come to regret it later.


This isn't the line one should say when passing out invitations to play Jilong-kun.

However, his bold laughter is tinged with joy...

I guess.

Ah, I almost forgot.

Can I invite one more person "

"Hmm We are already five members and more would be over the party.


Tom is correct.

It would be a five-person party if they added me in.

The party member count in Dungeon Activity> is limited to 5, and you can't increase the number by any means, but there are exceptions to everything.

Well, I was thinking of inviting an acquaintance from the Collection department.

Since we're going, wouldn't it be nice to harvest the material on the way "

So you're going to use the Guest bracelet> huh, understandable.

'We' don't mind."

Ohh, Helck seems to know about the "Guest Bracelet." One really can't judge a book by its cover.

The other three seemed to be unaware of it, so I gave a brief explanation and got their approval.

I don't have any problems as long as your acquaintance stays out of battle.

The last thing I want to see is someone pulling my legs.



Then let's get together after classes."

The Quartet returned to their respective seats after saying that in the end.

Hmm, I have quite stretched out the timing since Friday.

I shall quickly send the invitation to Mona and bring him and myself to the dungeon.

I'm looking forward to it after classes.

I thought so while taking out a smartphone from my pocket.



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