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317: Cut Off Relationship


"Grandpa, there's actually one more thing."

Zheng Jingen, the one who had provoked these family politics, was the first to stand out and break the silence of the oppressive atmosphere.

When the Zheng Ru husband and wife, who had been begging, caught his calm expression, they suddenly became uneasy again.

They feared that his next words would still be related to their son.

Zheng Ru suddenly dragged Wei Wei down to his knees so they were kneeling together, and hurriedly changed the subject, saying: "Father, I’ll let Xiao Wei apologize to Wang Cheng.

Xiao Wei was only momentarily confused because he was instigated by Zhao Chenlin, so can’t you forgive him this once" After she was finished speaking, she pinched and twisted Wei Wei's thigh and viciously said, "You still dare to not apologize to Wang Cheng"

Wei Wei had long been frightened into shock while witnessing this battle.

In the end, he was still at the mercy of his mother.

He knelt towards Wang Cheng, his brain filled with thoughts of jianghu*.

He was about to say the three words, ‘I am sorry’, when Wang Cheng opened his mouth.

[T/N: *ancient martial arts world as opposed to ancient governed society.

In this context, he is probably just absentminded and his thoughts are in a different realm.]

"No need to apologize.

I don't believe that Wei Wei was really instigated by Zhao Chenlin.

Ever since I embarrassed him at Beijing University, he has hated me to the core - he even threatened me.

In my opinion, the two of them more or less conspired to do this."

Wei Wei raised his head and stared blankly at Wang Cheng's contemptuous expression.

His mind jolted, letting him finally return to reality.

All of a sudden, his face turned into the color of a pig's liver.

When Wang Cheng noticed that Zheng Ru was about to speak again, he spoke right before she could, saying, "Let Grandpa have the final say on this matter later.

First, let’s listen to what my brother has to say."

The crowd looked at Zheng Jingen once more.

Zheng Jingen turned towards Wei Wei.

"Wei Wei, do you know of a woman named Yang Qian"

Wei Wei was stunned.

Who was Yang Qian Just as he had the thought, a woman's face immediately flashed in his mind as a response.

Yang Qian was the one who said she was pregnant with his child.

But how could Zheng Jingen know of her existence Wei Wei's expression soon turned doubtful, and he denied him without even thinking about it.

"I don’t know who that is."

Zheng Jingen was not surprised to hear his response, and said, "That’s strange.

She not only knows you, but she is also pregnant with your child."

Wei Wei's face flickered.

Zheng Ru could no longer stay silent; she immediately jumped up to loudly retort: "Rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be spoken indiscriminately*.

You say that this woman holds my son's child, but can you prove it Don’t you know how many girls throw themselves around nowadays I can tell that this Yang Qian is not someone who takes things seriously.

Who knows how many men she has been in bed with Who are you to say that she holds my son’s child just because she is pregnant"

[T/N: *you can do what you want, but that doesn’t mean you can say what you want about others]

"I wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn’t have evidence," Zheng Jingen lightly responded.

Zheng Ru was at a loss for words, yet she stubbornly insisted, "Then show us the evidence."

Wei Wei was not as confident as his mother.

He simply had no idea if Yang Qian had gone through with an abortion.

After he went to Central Hospital with Yang Qian that day, the incident with Wang Cheng came up, and he never saw her again.

He did call Yang Qian to say that he wouldn’t marry her and to tell her to find a hospital and get an abortion, but he had no idea if Yang Qian went or not.

Zheng Jingen explained: "I came across Yang Qian by accident when I was investigating the photo incident.

At the time, I happened to overhear her conversation with a friend about the child in her womb, and the two mentioned Cousin Wei Wei's name.

At first, I thought it might just be a coincidence, only after asking did I realize it really was Wei Wei.

She said that Wei Wei accompanied her to Central Hospital in May.

Why would he accompany Yang Qian to the hospital, if not because she held his child"

"Well, maybe my son doesn’t know about the baby," Zheng Ru quibbled.

Wang Cheng sneered and said, "Aunt, Wei Wei just said that he doesn’t even know who Yang Qian is."

Zheng Ru was once again at a loss for words.

"I just couldn’t connect her name for a moment.

After my cousin spoke for a while, though, I began to remember her.

However, I haven't had any contact with this woman for a long time after I found out that she hooked up with other men when we were dating.

I thought she wanted to push another person’s child onto me, so I told her to get an abortion that day.

When she refused, I broke up with her." Wei Wei's mind suddenly brightened.

"Yes, yes, that's what happened." Zheng Ru immediately echoed with joy.

"It's easy to find out if the child's father is Wei Wei.

We can just wait another half a month, and then a DNA test can be done.

By comparing the DNA of the fetus with Wei Wei, we can find out whether or not the child is his."

Zheng Ru and Wei Wei's expressions froze.

Mother Zheng looked at them and sneered, "Zheng Ru, you really know how to teach your son.

First he conspired with outsiders to ruin my son, and now he’s knocked someone up.

You really give the Zheng family face! If you have the ability, just don’t say you are related to the Zheng family when you go outside.

In short, right now, I don’t care about whether you are bitter or anything else, you must give me an explanation for harming my son."

Zheng Ru had never been so humiliated as she was now.

When she was faced with Mother Zheng's domineering attitude, her evil suddenly turned into courage*, "Why should I give you an explanation Isn't it true that your son is with a man Putting aside the fact that this photo is fake, the other photos aren’t.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that there is something going on between the two of them.

My son is just displaying the facts.

Your son dares to do such a thing, but you are afraid that others will say such a thing The real disgrace of the Zheng family is your son, a disgusting gay, bah."

[T/N: *when someone is angry to the extreme, they can make extreme actions]

"Said enough"

Old Man Zheng's angry, majestic voice resounded like thunder.

Zheng Ru was awakened instantly.

Realizing what she had said, she felt a little regretful in her heart.

However, seeing Mother Zheng's angry expression provided its own pleasure.

She had long wanted to say all that, but held back for the old man.

However, Mother Zheng's attitude today was really aggressive, and she couldn't help but retort after bearing it for a while.

Wang Cheng glanced at the old man and said with a frown: "I think that the day Wei Wei and Yang Qian went to Central Hospital, Boss Chu and I happened to be there visiting a friend.

If my guess is correct, Wei Wei noticed that we saw him and conspired with Zhao Chenlin to find someone to follow us afterwards."

Wang Cheng heard his brother’s words - they’d met at the hospital soon before he went abroad.

A few days afterwards, he went back to stay at the Zhou house until the day he went abroad, so Wei Wei's people were not able to take any intimate photos of him and Chu Yifeng.

Thus, they had to resort to using photo-editing software to modify the photos, leading to this series of events.

Wei Wei lowered his head and said nothing, because Wang Cheng's guess hit the nail on its head.

"Dad, don't listen to Zhou Cheng." Zheng Ru walked up to the old man and knelt down again with a bang, her face full of tears as she cried, "Zhou Cheng has long disliked Xiao Wei and me, he only remembers Xiao Wei's pursuit of his sister at school and the way I usually reprimand him as an elder."

Old Man Zheng looked down at the daughter in front of him.

When his wife was still alive, he’d loved his little daughter the most.

Ever since she was a child, she had always relied on him, and would start making noise when things didn’t go her way.

As a result, she developed her capricious character of today.

After he got to know Wei Kai, he felt that Wei Kai was not a good person and could not give a better life to his daughter that had been pampered since childhood.

However, Zheng Ru insisted on marrying Wei Kai.

Even after she married Wei Kai as she wished, she often used the Zheng family name in order to seek benefits for her husband’s family.

Though he turned a blind eye to these things, it didn’t mean that he had no bottom line.

"Xiao Ru, when you were a child, you were the little princess of the Zheng family, and your three brothers would let you do anything no matter if it was right or wrong.

However, things are different now.

You are almost 50 years old - you have your own children, and your brothers also have their own children.

Just like you want the best for your children, they do too.

I am old now, so it is time for you to learn to take responsibility for some things on your own."

Zheng Ru became anxious and her eyes widened.

Old Man Zheng waved her away and said, "Take your husband and son and leave the Zheng family, don't come back in the future."

"Dad!" Zheng Ru wailed as she hurriedly grabbed the old man's hand and pleaded, "Dad, are you going to drive me out of the Zheng family I'm your daughter, how can you kick me out just because of this trivial matter Let this matter go, I know I'm wrong, Dad; don't drive me away, okay"

Old Man Zheng withdrew his hand and said with a blank face: "After leaving the Zheng family, don't use the Zheng family's name.

If I find out you did, the consequences will be at your own risk."

"I don't want this!" Zheng Ru's eyes became red, then she glared at Wang Cheng and angrily shouted, "It's all your fault, you bastard.

If it wasn't for you, Dad wouldn't have told me these words.

It's all your fault, why don't you just go die!"

Mother Zheng suddenly stood up, walked over, and slapped Zheng Ru's face, causing her head to tilt.

A bright handprint soon appeared on her face.

One slap wasn’t enough, so Mother Zheng backhanded another slap.

The two handprints were very symmetrical.

Zheng Ru furiously stared at Mother Zheng, as if she would pounce on her and fight the next moment.

The father and son on the side immediately watched her vigilantly, ready to stop her the second she made a move.

Mother Zheng stared at her condescendingly, and fiercely declared, "It's you who should go die!"

Zheng Ru was shocked, and she felt as if she’d become mute

"The two of you, take her away." Old Man Zheng's voice seemed to have aged a little.

The whole thing seemed to be a farce.

In the end, the old man drove his daughter away for Zhou Cheng, he was basically severing ties with her.

The eldest family was incredulous.

With the old man’s temper, how could he deal with Zheng Ru's family, yet just let Zhou Cheng’s questionable sexuality go

At this time, the old man suddenly said something to Wang Cheng…

"Come with me."


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